Published On: Wed, Aug 22nd, 2012

New ‘Frankenstein’ Computer Virus Can’t Be Detected VPN

A new form of computer virus, dubbed the ‘Frankenstein Virus‘ by its creators, is able to create itself out of pieces of programming code from the software already installed on your computer. No anti-virus software currently available on the market or in commercial development is able to detect it because it is constructed from ‘benign’ code that has already been marked as safe.

The new virus was created by researchers Vishwath Mohan and Kevin Hamlen from the University of Texas, and presented to the world at the USENIX Workshop on Offensive Technologies. It was created as a ‘proof of concept’ and to help researchers understand how defenses could be developed to detect an attack from this kind of virus.

It is interesting to note that this takes the computer virus a big step closer to working in the same way as an actual biological virus, which is insufficient to be called alive on its own, but is able to construct a living organism by using the biological machinery of its host.

I just hope that nobody decides to make a self-replicating version of one of these things, or the Frankenstein anaology may end up proving more accurate than its creators think, and in a few years time we may find ourselves wondering if there is something living inside our computers :O (I know, I’m being melodramatic, but even still….)

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  1. building-5 says:

    why do people do this?

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