Published On: Sat, Nov 3rd, 2012

Saturday Viral Video Chart – Top Trending Virals 03/11/12 VPN

The World News Curator Viral Video Chart features 10 of the top trending viral videos of the week. Some other websites have fancy software which analyses views and shares to create charts of the most viral videos; we can’t afford any of that – people are cheaper and more fun to work with. So this is not an objective list of the most viral videos, but rather our own pick of the best clips which have been trending over the course of the week, with an emphasis on funny clips and anything news related. We usually don’t include music videos – they have their own charts – and we also don’t include promotional videos. This week the fast approaching US election and Halloween dominate the chart.

Young Girl Says What Many People Are Thinking About the US Election:

The Guide To Trading Candy:

Whedon on Romney (Political Bias Warning!):

Please Move the Deer Crossing:

Barack Obama VS Mitt Romney Epic Rap Battle:

Zombie Drive-Thru Prank:

Mr Burns Endorses Romney:

Time-Lapse Footage as Superstorm Sandy Hits New York:

Craziest Halloween Trick Ever:

The Future of Star Wars Movies:

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