Published On: Wed, Jan 2nd, 2013

PROPAGANDA – A Critique of Western Capitalism VPN

PROPAGANDA is a 1 hour 35 minute documentary which aims to hold up a mirror to Western capitalist culture. It claims to be an information film created by the secretive regime of communist North Korea to educate its people about the dangers of capitalism. This is a great device, as it allows the creators of the film to effectively look in from the outside, but unfortunately it isn’t actually true. The film was made in New Zealand by a South Korean director. But it is still a fascinating documentary which provides some intelligent criticism of modern capitalism, media, and celebrity culture. I thought today would be a good day to share it with you, since the Pope just used his New Year address to condemn unregulated capitalism.

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- Dean Walsh is the owner and editor of World News Curator. He also owns and runs Ourly News and a range of other online publications.

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  1. popolitical says:

    ‘modern capitalism’!? Oh, please, capitalism anywhere in the world is yet to be seen. ‘Modern Capitalism’ is nothing other than the same old state run, fiat-money-printing-and-borrowing-money-out-of-thin-air-economic model that Hitler and the national socialists used to expand Germany. Modern Capitalism is Big Gov and Big Corp working together.

    Why do you think they create all these trade domains like NAFTA, EU, AFTA? Well, to protect their money and their industries and to be able to control the marketplace with unions, custom fees and market regulations. The only one thing they hate is Unregulated Capitalism and free market capitalism. They wish Free Market Capitalism for everybody else, just not for themselves. That´s why Big Corp always seem to work so well with Big Gov.

    And is also why the jump into bed with socialistic governments all over the world, because socialism is not a political system for the down-trodden masses. Socialism is there to protect the wealth and the power of the elite.

    Another thing. What do you think will happen with the money of the 1% of the richest in america now when Obama raise their taxes, … well, that is only a signal from Obama to them to move their money out of the country. Consequence: There will be less tax incomes for the State.

    So, when you come to realize things like this (that´ll be the day), I guess socialists think that it´s no fun to play anymore, because we´ve been duped, we´ve been had, we are just like the SA-troops in Hitlers Germany, the delivery boys for the economic elite.

    And finally, atheist and all, Go pope, Go!

    • Dean Walsh says:

      You are certainly right that we have never had pure capitalism – good point. I think if this video was presented as a critique of ‘consumer culture’ and ‘celebrity culture’, then that would make more sense. Perhaps I should have done that, but I was basically just sharing the video rather than writing a critical review or comentary – and it presents itself as a critique of capitalism from a communist perspective, so that is the way I presented it here.

      • popolitical says:

        Well, OK, if that was what you intended, then it makes more sense. I´ll have to admit that I just read what you wrote, didn´t check out the video. What do you think of the other stuff I wrote? Are you familiar with Daily Bell? I have just come across their site and I think a fair amount of what they are saying sounds plausible or interesting at least, but there are some things that makes me a little bit pensive and reserved. By the way, nice website, I will check it out onwards.

        • Dean Walsh says:

          Thanks for the compliment. I am familiar with The Daily Bell – they definitely have some interesting and well thought out articles. Usually I don’t agree with the main points they are making, but still some interesting insights.

  2. popolitical says:

    … and that was not the avatar I chose.

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