Published On: Wed, Jan 2nd, 2013

Syria: Air Force Pounds Rebels, Rebels Attack Air Base VPN

As much of the world celebrated the start of a New Year, it was business as usual in war torn Syria. Government air strikes pounded rebels positions in the eastern suburbs of the capital Damascus, as well as the country’s second largest city Aleppo on Tuesday. Meanwhile in the north of the country rebels launched an attack on the large Taftanaz air base, located in Idlib province, on Wednesday morning.

Government Air Strikes

There was little celebration for the New Year in Syria’s capital Damascus. Government air strikes and mortar shells continued to bombard rebel districts in the eastern and southern suburbs surrounding the city. Government strikes where also reported in Aleppo, and several smaller towns and villages.

Despite a concerted new campaign launched by rebels in the Syrian capital towards the end of 2012, the central city and most of its suburbs still remain firmly under government control. Neither side has made any significant gains in the city, and the battle for Damascus is increasingly becoming a ‘war of attrition’ – in which both sides are entrenched in their positions and are simply trying to wear each other down over time by inflicting as many casualties as possible.

Rebel Attacks

Rebel mouthpiece ‘The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights’ reports that FSA fighters have attacked the Taftanaz air base on the northern Idlib province. Director Rami Abdul-Rahman said that the attack was ‘one of the most intense’ assaults yet. Air bases have become priority targets for rebel fighters desperate to stem the constant air strikes pounding their positions across the country.

Rebels Fire Missiles and Mortars at Government Forces

This amateur footage seems to show rebels missile and mortar attack on government forces in Damascus and Aleppo:

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