Published On: Sat, Jan 19th, 2013

The Best Viral Videos of the Week (19/01/12) VPN

Our pick of the top ten best viral videos which have been trending online over the last week – no ads, no music vids, no trailers – just funny, interesting and entertaining viral videos.

Bird Singing Dubstep

The title says it all – I wish I had a pet like this.

THE NFL: A Bad Lip Reading

Another great set of clips from the bad lip reading guys.

The Sandy Hook Shooting – Fully Exposed

Conspiracy theorists take a closer look at the details surrounding the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook.

Los Angeles Overreacts to Cold Weather

Or perhaps I should say, LA overreacts to very mild weather, since I can currently see 4 inches of snow outside my window.


The amazing science of stem cell research

Puppy Teaches Puppy to go Down Stairs

This is so cute it hurts.

Puppy teaching Puppy to go down stairs! SO cute! – ORIGINAL VIDEO! (from owner) by TNSite

Live Action Toy Story

Much better than the original…

Kido’s First Shell Game


Kido’s First Shell Game by Amazing Videos

My Dog Can Skype!

That’s nothing, my cat helped me write this post.

Hilarious Bucket Wearing Burglar

I love stupid criminals.

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