Published On: Wed, Feb 6th, 2013

Syrian Rebels Launch New Offensive in Damascus VPN



Damascus (Photo credit: sharnik)

A brief lull in fighting across Syria’s capital Damascus was broken on Wednesday, as rebel fighters from the Free Syrian Army launched coordinated attacks across the city.

Rebel fighters moved into the center of Damascus from the suburbs, attacking government road blocks with mortars and rocket-propelled grenades. The city’s main Abbasid Square and the ajor Fare al-Khoury highway have been closed by authorities in response to the attacks.

A report from Reuters quotes an ‘activists’ named Fida Mohamed as saying that “The areas of Jobar, Zamalka, al-Zablatani and parts of Qaboun and the ring road have become a battleground,”

Fighting has been reported from a wide range of locations across the east and north of the city.

Homs Province

Also on Wednesday an explosion struck a military complex in the city of Palmyra, in Homs province.

There has been no claim of responsibility for the attack, and conflicting reports make it difficult to know precisely what happened.

The Observatory for Human Rights, which claims to be objective but gets much of its information from rebels, has said that a car bomb exploded close to a building belonging to military intelligence. According to this report several troops were killed in the explosion, which was followed by a gun battle between rebels and the compound’s military guards.

An anonymous source from the Syrian government, however, told AP that the attack had been carried out by two suicide bombers.

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Airstrikes in rural Damscus by reuters

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