Language Matters: Western Media Bias in Israel / Palestine Reporting VPN

I found this on Tumblr – many thanks to That Infernal Racket. I think it shows quite succinctly and clearly the media bias which is present in many mainstream western media outlets when reporting on the Israel / Palestine conflict. The language which is used does matter: it colours the way readers interpret the articles which they read. Palestinian aggression is clearly treated differently from Israeli aggression – it is presented as much more serious even though its immediate impact is much less serious. What’s more coverage of Israeli violence is given as a factual report, whilst the report on violent acts by Palestinians includes a value judgement and attribution of blame – in this case the judgement that they have broken the ceasefire between the two sides:


And in case you thought that the shooting of the young Palestinian boy was an isolated incident, which would perhaps seem understandable if you knew the full details, here is an infographic from Al Jazeera on what ‘peace’ looks like in Palestine:


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