Published On: Thu, Feb 28th, 2013

Italy Probably Unable to Form a Government VPN

After this weekend’s elections failed to produce a clear winner in Italy the financial markets reacted swiftly with stock prices falling around the world. Negotiations began immediately in an attempt to strike a deal and form a new government without the lengthy uncertainty of new elections; but such a deal is looking increasingly unlikely.

Former comedian and anti-austerity campaigner Beppe Grillo took a large share of the vote, denying victory to either of the established left and right wing coalitions. In many ways this was seen as a protest vote from Italians weary of austerity cuts and falling living standards.

But today he flamboyantly ruled out a deal with Pier Luigi Bersani, the leader of the left wing coalition which won the most votes in the lower house, hurling a string of insults at him in the process. Meanwhile Bersani’s coalition partner ruled out any deal with the centre-right. With these two options off the table, it is difficult to see any viable deal on the horizon.

A new election may be held within a few months in Italy’s politicians are unable to form an alliance capable of commanding a majority and forming a new government.

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