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Election of First Jesuit Pope Feeds Conspiracy Theories VPN

When Benedict XVI become the first pope to resign from office in hundreds of years, and only the second in history, I wrote about some of the conspiracy theories surrounding his departure. Now that his replacement has been named I felt that it was time to return to the subject, especially since the Pope Francis I will be the first ever from the order of Jesuit – a branch of the church which has always been at the heart of some of the world’s most interesting conspiracy theories.

The Last Pope

The most interesting conspiracy theory I found in relation to the resignation of Benedict XVI was the ‘last pope’ prophecy.

A 12th century Irish saint called Malachy wrote a series of 112 mystical poems, describing the attributes of each pope from Malachy’s life until ‘the destruction of the church’. Benedict XVI was the penultimate pope, and supposedly the last true pope. The 112th and final pope – Francis I – “will pasture his sheep in many  tribulations: and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills  will be destroyed, and the terrible judge will judge his people. The  End,” says Saint Malachy. The final pope is described by many interpreters of Malachy’s writings as and ‘image of Satan’.

Over the centuries various writers have found correlations between Malachy’s verses and the real popes. Benedicts XVI, for example, is described as the “Glory of the Olive”, and comes from the Benedictine Order whose cresent depicts Olive Branches. Interestingly, a book about the last pope called Petrus  Romanus: The Final Pope Is Here by Tom Horn and Cris Putnam predicted Benedict’s Resignation almost a year before it happened. (see the links below the article for Putnam’s reaction to the election of the new a ‘last’ pope).

The First Jesuit Pope

The Jesuits have always been a controversial order, associated with many intrigues over the years – both within the church and within broader politics. They have been associated with the Illuminati and the New World Order, and play a leading role in many conspiracy theories.

Jesuits are a breed apart when it comes to the Catholic Church. They have always been allowed much greater intellectual freedom that other Catholics, or even the general public. Even in ages when challenging official Catholic teachings could get ordinary members of the public tortured and put to death, Jesuits where allowed the freedom to challenge dogma in the spirit of intellectual inquiry. This alone was enough to give the order a reputation as somewhat sinister from their very earliest days.

This developed further as the Jesuit order became closely associated with the highest levels of European politics. The teachings of the order stress the importance of confession very heavily, and Jesuit priests began to gain a reputation for taking the confessions of Kings and Queens, and many of the most powerful figures of Early Modern Era (see Wikipedia). The secrets of such men and women and incredibly powerful themselves, as well as very valuable. Rumours soon began to build of Jesuits acting a spies, or using the secrets which they possessed for their own political ends. Regardless of whether one is to accept that the order as a whole sanction or coordinated such behaviour, it seems highly likely to me that at least some of these stories had a solid basis in the actual behaviour of Jesuit priests.

Add to this the fact that the Jesuit were known for their commitment to the creation of a universal empire ruled by the Papacy, and it is easy to see how conspiracy theories emerged painting the Jesuits as the power behind the thrones of Europe, pulling the strings to orchestrate their own grand plans on the world stage.

Then there is the fact that the man who founded the Bavarian Order of the Illumanati, a secret organisation which many people today believe are behind a grand conspiracy to create a ‘new world order’, complete with global government and martial law in many versions, was a Jesuit school law professor named Adam Weishaupt.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, some also believe that the Jesuits are basically the Knights Templar by another name:

Where Could This Be Going?

If pope Francis was part of some giant conspiracy, then what would that involve – what is he going to do? Well, one interesting point to note is the connection between Jesuits (especially Latin American Jesuits) and ‘liberation theology‘. Liberation theology is basically Catholic socialism. To see how that plays into the most popular conspiracies theories of the day about the ‘New World Order’ I’ll hand you over to America’s number one conspiracy theorist Alex Jones:

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