Published On: Wed, Jun 26th, 2013

Mysterious Voynich Manuscript Does Contain Secret Message VPN

A new computer analysis of the mysterious ‘Voynich Manuscript’ has revealed that there is indeed a secret message hidden in the book’s text.

A page from the mysterious Voynich manuscript,...

A page from the mysterious Voynich manuscript, which is undeciphered to this day. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The 15 century manuscript, which is filled with pictures of alien looking plants and strange characters, has so far resisted all attempts to decipher its meaning. Many of the world’s top code-breakers and linguists have attempted to decipher the strange text, including some of the top cryptographers behind the breaking of Germany’s famous ‘enigma’ code during World War II - but all have failed.

The failure of such great minds to decipher the book, along with the strange drawing of non-existent plant life, had previously led many academics to conclude that the book was a hoax. But the hoax theory has now suffered two serious blows – firstly a carbon dating test which confirmed that the book was originally created in the 15 century (although its history can only be traced back to the 17th century), and now a computer analysis which has confirmed that there is indeed a hidden – but still undecipherable – meaning.

The new analysis, conducted by Dr. Marcelo Montemurro from Manchester University has identified patterns of meaning in the text which would not be expected if it were a hoax with no real meaning. Dr Montemurro’s techniques ”allow the extraction of keywords (that is words that are closely relevant to the meaning of the text) even if the underlying language is unknown.”

They do this by looking for patterns in the way that words are used together, as well as identifying ‘keywords’ which related specifically to each new topic being written about. The patterns of keyword use identified in the Voynich Manuscript match closely the patterns which can be seen in all languages, but which would not be present if there were no real meaning behind the book’s characters.

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