Published On: Mon, Jul 15th, 2013

Violent Clashes as Zimmerman Acquittal Protests Continue VPN

Protesters demonstrating against the acquittal of George Zimmerman on all charges over the fatal shooting of black teenager Trayvon Martin have clashed with police in Los Angeles.

Angry protesters, who claim that this was a racist killing and that the verdict proves that the system is failing young black men, threw rocks and batteries at police lines. Police officers responded by firing non-lethal bean bag rounds into the crowd to disperse the crowd. The protesters were marching on the I-10 highway in Crenshaw, southwest Los Angeles.

Another incident saw 80 people arrested outside the CNN building in Hollywood, where the LA Times claims protesters were chanting “No Justice, No Peace.”

A large, peaceful demonstration in New York also led to Times Square being closed to traffic, whilst other large peaceful protests have been held in Boston and San Francisco.

President Barack Obama, the first black leader of America, has appealed for calm. “A jury has spoken,” he said, “we are a nation of laws”.

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Obama calls for calm after Zimmerman acquittal by euronews-en

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