Published On: Wed, Jul 17th, 2013

Al Qaeda Deputy Confirmed Dead VPN
Map of the modern state of Yemen. Map of Yemen...

Map of the modern state of Yemen. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has confirmed that an American drone strike in Yemen has killed the organisation’s second in command.

The Saudi Arabian born Said al Shehri first came to international notoriety when he was handed to US authorities by Pakistan in 2002 – and sent to the infamous Guantanamo Bay detention facility in Cuba. In 2007 is he freed by the US and returned to his native Saudi Arabia. Al Shehri soon moved to Yemen, where he joined up with one of the most active national branches of al Qaeda. Within a short space of time al Shehri was back on America’s most wanted list as the deputy commander of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, a branch of the international Islamist terror group which has planned attacks on international targets such as airliners.

The government of Yemen announced the death of the AQAP deputy commander in January. Yemen has wrongly announced the death of al Shehri several times in the past, but today it was confirmed by a senior AQAP official. In a video posted on the interned Ibrahim al Rubaish says “I present my condolences to all the Mujahideen on the martyrdom of Said al-Shehri who was killed in a US drone attack.” He did not give any indication whether al Shehri died in the January strike or in a more recent attack.

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