Published On: Sat, Jul 20th, 2013

New Egyptian Government Softens Stance on Syria VPN
Ambassador Nabil Fahmy

Nabil Fahmy (Photo credit: Chatham House, London)

The interim Egyptian government appears to be softening the hardline stance taken by deposed Islamist President Mohammed Mursi against the government of Syria.

Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy announced on Saturday that the new government would “re-examine” last months severance of diplomatic ties with Syria. “It doesn’t mean they will resume or not resume,” he told reporters, but “everything will be re-examined.”

President Mohammed Mursi, who was toppled in a popular military coup earlier this month, announced the “definitive” severance of diplomatic relations with Syria on June 15th. He also called for a religious war, or Jihad in Syria. Mursi’s Muslim Brotherhood come from the same Islamic sect (Sunni) as the rebels currently fighting to overthrow the government of Syria in what has become a largely sectarian conflict.

Mr Fahmy sought to provide reassurances that such sectarian policies would not be continued, telling press that “There is no intention of jihad in Syria.”

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