Published On: Tue, Aug 13th, 2013

Anti-Euro Party Targeted by Left Wing Thugs in Germany VPN

A new political party in German said on Tuesday that its supporters have been targeted in a series of violent attacks by left wing radicals, and that its campaign posters for the September 22 election have been repeatedly destroyed.

The Alternative fuer Deutschland (AfD) is a single issue party which is campaigning to dismantle the European single currency. It has come under fire from the left over accusations that some of its members have ties to the far right. The party denies these allegations and says that it has a strict vetting process to weed out such people.

The party gained significant attentions and support when it first launched, but has since failed to live up to its early promise. Opinion polls show that its support is currently running at around 2-3%, which is short of the 5% required to win representation in the Bundestag lower house.

The AfD claimed that violent attacks had taken place across Germany. One incident required 60 police officers to be dispatched to protect a group of activist who were being assaulted. There has also been an attempted arson attack on a garage containing election material and a range of other incidents.

Party leaders blame members of the “Gruene Jugend”, or Green Youth, for the attacks. The Goettingen branch of the Green Youth recently issued an online call for protests against the AfD.

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