Published On: Tue, Aug 13th, 2013

North Korea’s Troll Army VPN

According to a South Korean think tank the country’s isolated communist neighbour North Korea has assembled an army of cyber trolls to spread propaganda.

According to the South Korean Police Policy Institute the North Korean government has assembled an army of 3,000 cyber warrior, including around 200 trolls. The internet trolls are employed to spread North Korean propaganda on South Korean websites. They post to social media sites, forums and comments sections using stolen identities of South Koreans. The think tank claims that they are responsible for posting over 40,000 items of propaganda in 2012 alone, an increase from 27,000 the year before.

The full cyber army operated from the ‘United Front Department’ and ‘Reconnaissance General Bureau’. They are allegedly responsible for hacking attacks on a wide range of South Korean targets including major news outlets and banks.

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