Published On: Mon, Aug 19th, 2013

Militants Ambush Police in Sinai, Egypt, Killing 24 VPN

A group of armed men, suspected to have been Islamist militants, ambushed two police minibuses in Egypt’s restive Sinai region on Monday.

The men attack the vehicles with rocket-propelled grenades as they were driving through a village close to the border town of Rafah. Twenty four officers were killed in the attack, and a further three were injured.

Close to 50 members of Egypt’s security services have been killed in the Sinai Peninsula since the army ousted Islamist president Mohammed Mursi on July 3rd. The area has always been a hotbed of radical Islam, but attacks have picked up significantly and are becoming an almost daily occurrence.

The latest attack is being seen as retaliation for the bloodshed in Cairo. Last Thursday the police and military attempted to clear to large Muslim Brotherhood protest camps in the capital, leading to clashes which left many hundreds dean, and over which the authorities stand accused of using excessive and brutal force. Further clashes between police and protesters over the weekend increased the death toll even further, and the Muslim Brotherhood have vowed to continue their protests.

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