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NWO, The Race War Agenda: Black and White VPN

Recent months have seen the subjects of racial violence and race war rising to prominence, in both the mainstream media and the alternative media. First there was the Trayvon Martin case, which brought discussions of institutionalized anti-black racism to the forefront of the mainstream media agenda. The alternative media then reacted to this, pointing out bias in the reporting of this story and highlighting the fact that black-on-white violence and hate crime is statistically much more common and severe than white-on-black violence, and asking why the media is not reporting on what appears to be a rising epidemic of racial violence against whites.

race-warMany anti-globalist writers have suggested that the world’s elites are trying to engineer and provoke a race war in order to further their own sinister agenda. There are two ways in which people claim that this would serve the purposes of the global elite and their attempt to create a ‘new world order’. The first is the classic British Imperial strategy of ‘divide and conquer’ – the more people are divided against each other the less likely it is that they will unite to rise up against those in power. This does not require any significant level of violence (actual race war), it just needs ordinary people to see each other as the problem, rather than seeing those in power as the problem. The second is that a fully fledged race war would provide the best possible excuse to increase government power and intrusion into our lives. If you think that the government took away a lot of our civil liberties gave a lot more power to secret services to spy on and conduct operations against the citizens of their own country as a result of the ‘war on terror’, then you have to realize that this would pale in comparison to what would happen if there was even a realistic threat (in the eyes of the majority) of a race war starting.

Although most people will view this as very far fetched and implausible, it fits perfectly with what I have seen happening in the west over many years, and I would like to share some of my insight into what is happening. This article will be the first in a series which I intend to write about the race war agenda. It will look at the relationship between black and white people in western countries such as the United States and Europe, and how the media contributes towards the entrenchment of certain attitudes and tensions.

Racial Stereotypes of Superiority and the Black Illuminati

michael-jackson-illuminati-freemasonMany years ago there was racial stereotype about black people that was very common amongst white Europeans and Americans, and which portrayed black people as sub-human. By sub-human I mean that blacks were seen as a kind of halfway point between humans and animals. They were seen as animalistic ‘savages’, rather than civilised human beings.

Of course, as we all know, this stereotype portrayed black people as inferior in certain ways – intellectually, morally, and perhaps also spiritually. This survives into the modern era through racial slurs such as using the term ‘monkeys’ to describe black people, but it has largely been eliminated from what you might call ‘polite society’; it is no longer considered socially acceptable to propagate this idea of black racial inferiority across most of western society. But yet , as I hope to show in this article, this stereotype continues to live on, albeit unspoken, and has a massive impact on both the way that other racial groups treat black people, and also on the way that black people see themselves and how they behave.

I believe that I know the reason why this stereotype continues to live and exert so much influence despite the fact that very, very few will admit to agreeing with it. You see there are two sides to every coin, and this same stereotype also includes an element of black superiority. Animals, after all, especially the wild and dangerous variety, are physically superior to humans. The colonial stereotype of the black man does not just say that he is intellectually and morally inferior, it also holds that he is physically and sexually superior – because these are animalistic traits. The obviously negative and the superficially positive stereotypes are just two sides of the same coin.

This idea of black physical superiority was perhaps useful for those who wanted to use them for physical labour, but it was also useful for holding off calls for their emancipation. It taught white people to fear black men – fear for their safety and for the virtue of their wives and daughters.

Whilst the myth of black inferiority in intellect and morality has been eliminated from polite conversation, the myth of black superiority is alive and well – and being propagated by both black and white people, and especially by the media.

The myth of black superiority is most eloquently embodied in the music industry. Firstly, let me note that black people are massively over-represented across the entertainment industry, but especially in the music industry (meaning that the proportion of black people at the highest levels is much higher in this industry than the proportion of of the population who are black). This is because the music industry in general is very sex obsessed and serves to raise up the physical and sexual over the intellectual or moral. But even in an industry such as this the role of the black hip hop star, which has transitioned well from sub-culture into popular culture, stands out as an the popular icon which most celebrates ‘sex and violence’ as being the things which our youth should aspire to.

The idea of an ‘illuminati’ influence in the music industry is a very common one, and one that I’m sure many artists play up to to get publicity. But it does seem that a cabal of black artists from a hip hop background have, behind the scenes, gained a large amount of control over the US and UK music industries, and that their influence is aligned with what many claim are the goals and strategies of the globalist elite behind the ‘new world order’ – both in relation to race in other ways.

It is also, of course, kept alive by young black men who find that it is a useful way to get lots of sex from silly, racist, and slutty white girls who enjoy the macho image of the above mentioned stereotype and are obsessed by the mythical willy of the black man (see this article debunking the myth that black men have larger genitals).

These apparently positive racist myths of black superiority are not only ubiquitous in our culture, they pass the ‘dinner table test’ of being acceptable to propagate within polite conversation, and are often vehemently defended. The most common defense is to point to the success of black athletes, boxers and so on as proof that black men are physically superior. Let me offer my opinion on this: black men are more successful in sports for the same reason that they are less successful in some other areas (business, science etc.) – because that is what they are taught by popular culture to aspire towards, and that is what they are taught to believe they will be good at. The more a more a person aspires to something and believes in their ability to do it, the more likely they will be to work towards it for a start, and the more successful them will be if they do.

Because the obviously negative and superficially positive aspects of the myth of the black man as closer to the animals are two sides of the same coin, the continued popularity of the superficially positive stereotypes serves to keep alive the obviously negative ones. After all, if black people are superior in certain ways then not only is this intimidating (which is a driver of racism itself), but it also forces white people to think one of two things: 1) black people are racially superior to white people, or 2) There are other, unspoken ways, in which black people are inferior (the only ones which come to mind being that he is intellectually and morally inferior. It is rightful very difficult for white people to accept black people as their racial superiors. Ideas of black racial superiority therefore feed and keep alive the correlated ideas of black inferiority.

The idea of racial pride also plays into this. Black racial pride is highly encouraged, but classed as racism amongst whites. While black people loudly profess what they think is great about black people, white people are forced to suppress any thoughts that there might be anything good about being white. This also creates an injustice which further promotes anti-white thoughts among blacks, and anti-black feelings amongst whites.

The Culture of Victimization and Revenge

thought-police-race-racismJust as people who believe that they are physically superior and morally inferior will act that out in a self-fulfilling prophecy, so people who believe that they are victims and that they are oppressed will become oppressed victims. This is particularly true in the United States, where institutions such as ‘black history month’ encourage young black people to think of their culture primarily in terms of suffering, oppression and struggle (against whites) as well as singling them out as in need of help (no other community needs to have their own history month, after all).

This unhealthy archetype of black victimhood pervades popular culture, but it seems to be primarily driven by the ‘white guilt’ of the liberal media and white middle class. One classic example which I always talk about is the relationship between race and crime. The high number of young black men in prison is often cited as a proof that society is racist against blacks. But the simple fact is that black men are more likely to go to jail because they are more likely to commit crimes. For how long can white people be blamed for the crimes that black people commit? Not only is this an injustice against white people, it does not serve the interests of the black community. If you want to know why black people commit so many more crimes than their Caucasian counterparts, then I would suggest that one of the biggest reasons is because they are taught that they are not responsible for their actions. If they commit a crime, then it isn’t their fault – its white people’s fault. As I have written more times than I can remember, if you remove responsibility from people then they become irresponsible; this is self-evident from the very definition of the words themselves.

A combination of growing up angry at both real and perceived oppression and prejudice, believing that your greatest advantages are physical rather than intellectual, and being able to easily blame others for any immoral actions you commit (with their own assent in many cases), is driving thousands of young black men into criminality and violent thug culture.

Not only does this pit black people against whites, but it is creating a growing backlash among white people who are sick of actually being the victims of black crime, and who turn to racism and racial nationalism as the only available outlet for this hurt and anger. The fact that raising the question of black criminality and violence so often leads to you being labelled as racists means that people who rightly see with their own eyes that these things are happening begin to think that they themselves must be racist, and therefore act accordingly.


I hope that the above arguments show that our leaders, media producers and celebrities are, knowingly or not, creating and reinforcing a culture which conspires to promote both pro-black racism (sanitized as racial ‘pride’, which isn’t permitted to whites), as well as anti-white racism, amongst black communities, whilst allowing only one outlet for anyone else to challenge this – anti-black racism.

This is what I see as one of the main drivers of racial tensions at the moment. Of course presents a picture in which the worst examples of racism are currently at play within the black, rather than white community. This is what the evidence of racial violence and hate crimes points towards, and is in my opinion it is being inspired by our culture, politics and media rather than any inherent malice within black people, and is be   harming both groups equally. But I am sure that this perspective will be massively unpopular with people who are accustomed to seeing racism as a purely white sin. So let me perhaps head off some of the comments by making clear that I am not saying that there isn’t a great deal of anti-black racism, which can sometimes be ‘institutionalized’. I am merely pointing out what I see as the main undercurrents which are keeping this anti-black racism alive despite our best hopes and intentions.

These undercurrents serve to pit the two communities against each other which, as I outlined in the introductory paragraphs, does not serve the interests of either group, but rather serves another interest entirely.

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  1. mark Turner says:

    Read the “protocols of the learned elders of Zion” to find out the real truth

  2. Brody says:

    Mark, “Protocols” has been proved to be forged and plagiarized for a long time. I want to say that this article is for the most part well written and does list some good points. It did fail to mention however, that many “crimes” committed by blacks are directly correlate to the fact that they are kept at the bottom of social classes and live in poverty.

  3. Nette Cole says:

    Many statements in your article are untrue.

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