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As you can probably guess from the name, we at the World News Curator see news curation as a major part of our job. There are so many great sources out there on the internet covering the big news stories of the day, from the big news outlets through bloggers and down to individual posts on social media sites such as twitter or facebook. Our job is to sift through all the information from a large number of sources in order to try our best to provide you with a balanced an unbiased picture of what is going on in the world. Wherever possible we will also provide you with our sources, so that you can follow up on any of the stories covered by WNC. At times we will include biased sources in our articles in order to show ou both sides of the story; whenever we do this we try to make it clear what we are doing, and to ensure that the bias is not one-sided.

News curation is also something that you can get involved in yourself.

What Is News Curation?

News curation is simply the process of collecting together, and usually publishing, news stories from a range of different sources. This is something that we all do to a certain extent when we share links to news stories with our friends through social media. Curating stories like this can help to provide a more balanced picture, as we try to do, or to support a particular perspective or shed light on a specific issue.

How You Can Get Involved In News Curation.

If you are interested in taking this a step further then you can use services such Paper Li to curate your own daily newspaper, or sites such as Storify to curate social media posts, links and videos on a specific story.



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